Tuesday, May 25, 2010

People coming to see sick in hospital.

Imagine your funeral. You have to attend that many funerals as the number of people you would like in your funeral. If you fall sick and want people to enquire about you, you got to do the same with others' sickness. Social behaviour follows the law of reciprocity. Else you have to be in seat of power to obtain others' attention. People came in large numbers to see me in hospital. They came either because I had deposited enough in their emotional bank account or they were proactive in depositing first. Condition of being bed ridden and dependence teaches a lot. A great exercise in gratitude and understanding. You get overwhelmed - dont you?
I write this when it is solitude. All have gone after giving me food for thought.

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Himanshu Mohan said...

Not universally correct. I don't visit people in general and particularly those admitted in hospital. Nor do I want to be visited.
My purpose of visit was different. You know it, sir!
My wife doesn't know you are hospitalized else she too would have come.
Be positive sir, n get well soon, but take rest now. Goodnight Sir!