Friday, May 28, 2010

Naxal menace

On my sick bed I could concentrate on one article in indian express stating that empowering local police against Naxals, instead of use of military power, is the solution to the problem. I disagree. Today again they blew railway track. Derailed a goods train. Which collided with express train coming in opposite direction, involving death of 56 innocent civilians. I dont know what human right people are going to say about it, but I feel drastic action is called for. Unlike terrorists, Naxals are in jungle. Areas are identified. Air strikes will cause heavy damages to them. No doubt some innocent will die. But that cant be avoided. This coupled with coordinated army action on ground will be lethal for them. This, of course, needs tremendous will power. Something like we saw in operation against LTTE.
With innocent civilians getting killed, and economy badly affected, this is badly needed. Addressing the problems of tribals is also needed in parallel.

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