Monday, May 10, 2010

Kanvariyas in Vaishakh

Kanvariya undertake their journey from one Shiv temple to other in the month of Shravan. But this Vaishakh is adhik-mas (extra month) and a few Kanvariyas are seen now in usual attire and carrying holy water for Lord Shiva.
In the picture they are seen coming to Shiv Kuti temple.

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hem pandey said...

I have been unable to comment on your posts at 'Maansik Halchal' due to new (old )technique of commenting.

Smart Indian said...

Only if half of the kanwariyas engage in cleaning Ganga!

[I too have same problem as Hem Pandey ji. Please restore the native Blogspot comment dialogue box there.]

Gyan Dutt Pandey said...


मैं यत्न कर रहा हूं कि समस्या से कैसे निपटा जाये कि थ्रेडेड कमेण्ट व्यवस्था भी रहे और जटिलता भी कम हो! :)