Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hand bringing to ICU

This is my left palm. The background is of Allahabad Railway Hospital ICU. Yesterday, night This hand had violent involuntary movement for 5 minutes and thereafter it stopped. The palm and fingers stopped obeying commands of brain by about 90 percent. Railways acted pretty fast and took me to ICU. Lots of tests. Lots of blood taken and medicines injected through both the hands. Scans, x-rays, MRI etc. So much of activity and drowsyness of medicines that I could not brood on the possibility - what if the left hand gets permanently disabled?
My Hindi blogging gets a pause for about 10 days or more. Let me see if I am forgotten. :D
(posted from hospital bed. Using right thumb to type on mobile phone.)

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Himanshu Mohan said...

That's surprise-cum-shock.

Anyway, its this blog which gives me this information first. That's the power of mobile blogging.
I pondered over this idea also earlier - suppose someone who has customised his mobile to post on blog through SMS or email, can always send an SOS message, or photos of concerned people causing trouble, place with time stamp silently to a blog, which autoposts to twitter-facebook and what not, thus sending the message fast and with lots of details without speking a word aloud!