Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Railway week awards.

Today was Railway Week function in North Central Railway. There was speech of the GM and distribution of awards and shields.
I just sampled the function. There must have been lots of scribes. They come and report as per the given matter. A blog probably can do better reporting and promotion. And may be more prompt. Sad. Our Chief PRO would not give me any favours given to scribes. :-)


Himanshu Mohan said...

I was sitting with him n Vishal sir, n we were looking for you. Saw you when you patted Pradeep on the back, on receiving award.
Nukkad natak clip in the end was recorded by CPRO in mobile.
I discussed with him n he was thrilled at the idea of getting write-ups from us, blog or no blog.
I was surprised to see your post-how I discussed your idea at the same time with the person you were thinking of!