Thursday, April 01, 2010

The city of wide roads and spacious footpaths

Allahabad, I am told, used to be the city of wide roads and spacious footpaths. No more. Footpaths have been progressively eaten up by encroachments. The roads are gasping under asthma of unruly traffic, pot holes, illegal diggings etc. It appears that entire traffic system is developing multiple clots and would need several by pass surgeries. This may be the condition of all Euporean (of U.P.) cities by and large.

Posted via email from Gyan's Desk


Himanshu Mohan said...

Sir Jee,
Gud afternoon. My Tomatoes saw your Kushmanda or Konhada and what happened to can see for yourself at
But I feel, that should really happen to anything out of season, howsoever HIP it may be!