Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sparrow Pandey the Karma Yogi

The He Sparrow is love able character. I come in the morning to office and find him at work. He gets feed for new born hidden in electric cabinet. She Sparrow usually remains in the nest. Mr Sparrow Pandey is still on job when I leave for home in evening. A great Karm Yogi is he!

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Stuti Pandey said...


कहीं से घूमते-घूमते हम आपके ब्लॉग पे अटक गए, लगभग सारी पोस्ट्स पढ़ डाली. बहुत अच्छी लगी, एकदम सुलझी हुई.


Stuti Pandey said...

इस गौरैया के लिए उत्सुकता बनी रहेगी :)

Gyan Dutt Pandey said...

@ Stuti Pandey - I shall let you know!
अभी तो मेरे चेम्बर के बाहर चींचीं कर रहे हैं उसकी सारी फैमिली वाले!
My English blog has posts usually of instant variety, posted by mobile phone. I may cover this sparrow sometime on my Hindi blog in detail!

Thanks for the interest. I never thought that someone from Dallas : TX : United States would be interested in the poor creature of Allahabad!

Stuti Pandey said...

Thank you! :)

May I also get a link to your English blog? Even though I live in the US, my heart still wanders in the small streets of Patna and Banaras. I am a DVD, Desi...Very Desi!! :-)

Gyan Dutt Pandey said...

@ Stuti - Oh, this the English or the bi-lingual blog. The Hindi one is मानसिक हलचल
That has wider readership and is among the most active Hindi blogs. My Hindi is, of course not very polished (or literary)!
Do visit the Hindi blog!

Stuti Pandey said...

Thank you. I shall definitely visit the Hindi Blog. Are you also on Twitter, FB or Buzz? I think I saw something on your profile, but not sure...

Gyan Dutt Pandey said...

@ Stuti - My Buzz profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/gyandutt#buzz

My Twitter profile - http://twitter.com/gyandutt

Not very active, though. Paucity of time! :(

Stuti Pandey said...

I too am no longer active on Twitter, I am mostly on Facebook. Too many networking sites these days!!!!