Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maharajin Bua - the Dom of Rasoolabad

Twenty years back when I was giving fire to the pyre of my grand father at Rasoolabad, Maharajin Bua was the manager of ghat.
After 2 decades I find a memorial for her. I am told that ladies of younger generation are managing the ghat now.
Women empowerment in such unthinkable professions!


Pankaj Upadhyay (पंकज उपाध्याय) said...

I don't remember exactly but I have seen a documentary in which there was a women who was managing cremations at a ghat in Varansi. That time, I was thrilled and now after reading your musings, feeling the same thrill..

btw, Gyan ji one personal question?
Everything fine na? Seems you are going through something and which you are not sharing with your readers. This is not you.. As a true blogger, you have shared many things with us.

Let me surely know if I can do anything. I will feel privileged to be part of that..

P.S. If I am wrong, kindly take it as my bevkoofi and just ignore it

shama said...

What a simple & nice post!

पूनम श्रीवास्तव said...

bees saal pahale ki baat aapke jehan me es tarah ankit hai jaise kal ki baat ho vaiseis tarah ki baate jaldi bhoolati bhi nahin jo hammare jivan me apana ek alag sthan rakhti hain .bahut hi achhipost.