Monday, February 15, 2010

Do not pay Bribe

Often we come across the boards and posters suggesting not to pay bribe. I am in a position where situation did not arise to pay. And it is purely personal ethics not to take. But what about the chap desperate to get his legitimate work done?
I do not talk of the people wanting unethical or illegal in exchange of money or favour. But your legitimate work - driving licence, ration card, land papers, pension release...
I may be sounding cynical. But when one of my seniors (who once had been a C.V.O.) told me that people by and large, do not want to pay bribe, but given a chance, they will accept readily; stumped me.
I find parallel in dowry system. No one wants to pay, but most want to take!
Is that not so?

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दिनेशराय द्विवेदी Dineshrai Dwivedi said...

given a chance, they will accept readily
It's not true. Most people don't accept in first chance.