Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gattuki, Fog and I

We have Gattuki, the small street puppy sleeping in our house. Extreme cold makes the creature run into our compound whenever the gate opens. He is given small quantity of milk and some rags are put on the floor for him to sleep.

It is biting cold. Fog ends sometimes as late as 12 noon and resurfaces at 4 in the evening. Running of trains is badly affected.

We had three accidents - all involving Express passenger trains. Casualties. All had their root in fog. Poor visibility made error of judgment on the part of Loco pilot. Causing collision with the train ahead. Rules are OK. But human element is wavering in fog. So more stringent rules to come? The riddle is taking lot of effort on the part of everybody.

All of us are stressed. Gattuki is sleeping peacefully.


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