Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who says Ganges has not been reduced to Disease.

Fox News host Glenn Beck had described the Ganges as a 'disease'. Hindus are up in arms.
But who says that the Hindus have not reduced the Ganges to a DISEASE. Look at the picture of water at Shivkuti Ghat which I found today. Dirty yellow color, full of froth and having non organic particles flowing!

It is Good to be devout Hindu. But whom are we fooling! Only ourselves!


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Smart Indian said...

"Rajan Zed" is not "Hindus" as he claims to be while complaining on each and every issue.

G Vishwanath said...

Just noticed this blog in English.
I didn't realise you are writing in English also.
Good show.
Keep it up.
Let me catch up with a few of your posts.
G Vishwanath

Unknown said...

Ganges or any other river they are reduced to sewers. Publoc has to raise voice on this issue too and the filth everywhere else.

hem pandey said...

Alhough The Ganges has been polluted, still it has its religious importance.
For last few weeks, inspite of my regular efforts I am unable to open "Mansik Halchal". I dont know whether there is a problem in my system or there is any other reason.

Urmi said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post.

Arvind k said...


Thanks for taking note of the plight of Ganga Maiyaa.Time to wake up or else it will be too late !!

I have written few pieces on it.One of them was published on Instablogs very recently.Providing U the link.Have a look at it.BTW,I am also from Allahabad and work as a freelancer.


My email:

Arvind K.Pandey

Hari Shanker Rarhi said...

Most probably Hindus need now to go on self assesment. We never miss any opportunity of praising ourselves and thinking great of us but the fact is in the photograph.Pollution has reached up to the souls.

ghughutibasuti said...

to improve one needs criticism, preferably self criticism.we all know ganga has been dirtied beyond its capacity.we tend to dirty whatever is within our reach, be it, bus, train, road or river.