Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spitting paan has solution to Global Warming

Dr Vidyapati has asserted that plain old habit of spitting after proper  betel chewing has the much sought after solution to global warming. He was not part of the official Indian delegation to Copenhagen, but his timely statement after the informal meeting of experts' panel for innovative solution to environmental issues is seen as most sensational discovery by the Media.

The Fax News, whose correspondent arose controversy by calling Ganges a Disease has  hailed the statement of Dr Vidyapati. It has stated in it's breaking news that ultimately, the solution to environmental degradation has emerged from the Orient.

Dr Vidyapati will give details of the string of micro-organisms which are there in betel spit causing organic cracking of carbon mono-oxide and CFC very shortly.


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G Vishwanath said...

I have always wondered why the Chinese and Russians haven't taken to paan chewing and spitting in a big way.

Isn't red their colour of choice?

G Vishwanath

A.G.Krishnan said...

Instead of addressing the problems in its true sense, we Indians have mastered in hypothetical solutions (therefore our country looks cleaner and greener than UK, USA or Australia). Great Indian’s have been contributing towards protection of environment by spitting in Hospitals, Railway Platforms, Bus Stand. “Red Revolution” a wonderful idea ! ! ! We should go for “Patent” before this idea is snatched by someone else.