Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ganga Sena - What a way to milk dying Ganges!

I see the Ganges suffocating day by day. The filth - domestic and industrial, poured in the Ganges is poisoning her. Everyone is doing his part in contributing the poison. But for her cleaning all sorts of organizations have come up. Without doing much, they are hankering after publicity. Some are backed by dubious sadhus. 
One such board of Ganga Sena I found at Prayag Station level crossing.

I have not seen many people doing much or methodical to cleanse the river. But here is some Swamiji and his two chelas wishing the people in the name of Ganga, displaying their photographs, not of the river!

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G Vishwanath said...

Only a national project funded by the Central Govt and backed up by services of environmental experts can clean up a river like the Ganges.
These small initiatives are encouraging but the will lead nowhere.

I remember Rajiv Gandhi had initiated such a project when he first became the prime minister.
What happened to that project?
G Vishwanath

A.G.Krishnan said...

Jai Shri Krishna,

Why do we need GANGA at all in our country ? Even if there is scarcity of Drinking water, we have CONTRACTORS to find out solution.

Perfect town-planning and sewage system is needed but again, CONTRACTOR will come in picture. It was God's mistake to bring GANGA to Bharat, he should have thought of USA, UK or Russia for that matter.

No hope with corrupt Govt. officials around.