Sunday, December 13, 2009

The children cleaning at Ganges Ghat

Today we had about 8 people on the banks of Ganges picking up the polythene and mending the steps of the Ghat at Shivkuti. Two children who come regularly told me that they have told about the activity in their  School. One of them was more vocal in narrating. He was proud of reporting the activity.

I do not know, how this enthusiasm can be sustained. Maybe once I should go to their school with my laptop to show the response people have given from around the world. But I am not sure of the availability of time.

(Picture above is of people mending the Ghat Steps.)

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Sunita Sharma Khatri said...

आपके प्रयास एक दिन असर जरूर डालेगे करारहती गंगा को एेसे ही सुपुत्रों की आवशयकता है।

Dr. Zakir Ali Rajnish said...

लेकिन इसका लाभ हमें तभी मिलेगा, जब हम आगे से कभी भी इसे गन्दा न करने की सौगन्ध लेंगे।

छोटी सी गल्ती, जो बड़े-बड़े ब्लॉगर करते हैं।
धरती का हर बाशिंदा महफ़ूज़ रहे, खुशहाल रहे।

Smart Indian said...

Visiting the local schools is a good idea. All this world needs is a few good people like you.

G Vishwanath said...

Cleaning the Augean stables is an expression I have often heard.

Cleaning up the Ganga is no less a challenge.

But small drops like this may make an ocean.

The effort may be negligible as regards its immediate effect.

But the spirit behind this effort does count and is encouraging.

G Vishwanath

Arvind k said...


It's not the gesture but the spirit behind it that really matters.One hopes tribe of sincere people will change the face of Ganga Maiyaa.

Arvind K.Pandey