Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who says Ganges has not been reduced to Disease.

Fox News host Glenn Beck had described the Ganges as a 'disease'. Hindus are up in arms.
But who says that the Hindus have not reduced the Ganges to a DISEASE. Look at the picture of water at Shivkuti Ghat which I found today. Dirty yellow color, full of froth and having non organic particles flowing!

It is Good to be devout Hindu. But whom are we fooling! Only ourselves!


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spitting paan has solution to Global Warming

Dr Vidyapati has asserted that plain old habit of spitting after proper  betel chewing has the much sought after solution to global warming. He was not part of the official Indian delegation to Copenhagen, but his timely statement after the informal meeting of experts' panel for innovative solution to environmental issues is seen as most sensational discovery by the Media.

The Fax News, whose correspondent arose controversy by calling Ganges a Disease has  hailed the statement of Dr Vidyapati. It has stated in it's breaking news that ultimately, the solution to environmental degradation has emerged from the Orient.

Dr Vidyapati will give details of the string of micro-organisms which are there in betel spit causing organic cracking of carbon mono-oxide and CFC very shortly.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bank Strike - who puts the Banner!

The Punjab National Bank in my office campus is closed. There is lock on the front and there is a banner hung stating - आज हड़ताल है (Today is STRIKE).

Who closes the channel gate? Who puts the strike banner? Is management on strike?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The children cleaning at Ganges Ghat

Today we had about 8 people on the banks of Ganges picking up the polythene and mending the steps of the Ghat at Shivkuti. Two children who come regularly told me that they have told about the activity in their  School. One of them was more vocal in narrating. He was proud of reporting the activity.

I do not know, how this enthusiasm can be sustained. Maybe once I should go to their school with my laptop to show the response people have given from around the world. But I am not sure of the availability of time.

(Picture above is of people mending the Ghat Steps.)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ganga Sena - What a way to milk dying Ganges!

I see the Ganges suffocating day by day. The filth - domestic and industrial, poured in the Ganges is poisoning her. Everyone is doing his part in contributing the poison. But for her cleaning all sorts of organizations have come up. Without doing much, they are hankering after publicity. Some are backed by dubious sadhus. 
One such board of Ganga Sena I found at Prayag Station level crossing.

I have not seen many people doing much or methodical to cleanse the river. But here is some Swamiji and his two chelas wishing the people in the name of Ganga, displaying their photographs, not of the river!

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