Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Narendra Modi - will he win?

This question will be asked in the next few months. The Elections in Gujarat are due. All the secular forces are sick of Narendra Modi. He is icon of Hindu supremacy. And that is not a correct political thought in India.

But Modi won for the second time 5 years ago. If he wins this time - and it is not impossible - it will be a feat of some sort.
"In my state you can't remove any chief minister by blaming him for riots! " - a Gujarat BJP leader opposing Modi speaking on off the record.
His winning will not be because the Hindus like the idea of Hindu supremacy. That is not innate nature of Hindu psyche. But his winning will be dependent upon the intensity of retaliation on the blatant policy of Muslim appeasement followed by other parties.

The more the Muslim appeasement, the greater the Hindu bashing, the better are the chances of Modi winning.

Modi as an administrator is probably no better or worse than other leaders in Gujarat/India. The prosperity in Gujarat is not an issue - as it is in BIMARU states. So issues of Hindu bashing and/or Muslim appeasement will get thrown up. At least Modi would like them to be thrown up. And if they are not (unlikely), Mody would induce such issues. He is master manipulator of such sentiments and would not rest in peace.

I wish him the best for that will make interesting reading in the months ahead!