Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Election arrangements are simply Impressive

I have come back after voting. And I am all praise for the arrangements.
We had moved here in Allahabad only 5 months back. The people deputed by the Commission had come to our house to get us photographed. We were still not sure that we will get voter card...
(Election Commission people photographing at our home)
But about 20 days back, my wife and I were walking to the market. A shaggy looking man, sitting in front of Dhobi's shop was asking every one - "क्या ज्ञानदत्त पाण्डेय को जानते हो?" (" Do you know someone named Gyandutt Pandey?") When I replied that I am that person, he handed over our voter cards! We had no option but to vote.
(The man in front of Dhobi shop who gave us the Voter Cards)
And today I saw massive reinforcement of para-military forces. Poor booth-capturers must be without job. Since we were not the regular voters, my wife and me were video graphed again to keep our identity.
No fuss, no mess, clean voting.
It is only a post election problem which I as Passenger Train Operator will be facing. The para-military staff would be moving out and I will have to arrange 150-200 coaches to move out these men. I am sure that I shall not be succeeding in a big way. Any failure will only make these uniformed men eating up the General coaches!
And my mother gave me this good one:
She commented to the electoral employees: "With this para-military arrangements, you people must be very satisfied about your safety."
Pat came the reply from the woman checking the identity card: "अरे क्या माताजी, ये लोग न होते तो अब तक कितनी बार चाय समोसे आ गए होते। अब तो कोई पानी पूछने वाला भी नहीं है।" ("What mother, if these people were not there we would have got tea-snacks several times. Now the condition is that no one is giving even a glass of water.")


Anita kumar said...

I am Bombay we still don't have such effcient election machinery. Infact I remember few years back, we degree college teachers were forced to take up election duty. We were supposed to report in the morning at 4.30 and were relieved only next day morning 4.30. After election time was over we had to stand in line in pouring rains with reams of forms and those goddamn voting machines, with no arrangement for food or transport or even seating arrangement. It was a horrible experience, so to that extent that lady's reply to your mother was correct.
Yet I must say election machinery in Allahabad is working very efficiently