Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shri M V Srinivasan

A letter from Shri M V Srinivasan to my Chief Operations Manager has driven me down the memory lane. Shri Srinivasan was the Chief Freight Transportation Superintendent, Chief Operations Manager and thereafter General Manager of Western Railway 15-20 years ago. I remember his heart ailment when he was the CFTS and the real sense of personal relief which I had felt on his recovery. On his becoming General Manager of Western Railway, we the people of 'Sinu's gang' (I hope he considered me one of his) were very delighted.

I do not have many memories of his tenure as Member Traffic, because we did not come to know what was going on in the Railway Board sitting in a small place as Ratlam. But I always used to get his post card on my official Birthday - 6th September. I did not reply those cards; though Shri M V Srinivasan tracked me on my various postings and did not miss sending card. Meanwhile, it seems I got lost in his address book due to frequent changes in my places and zones of working.

Shri M V Srinivasan, or kaptan (Captain) as we used to refer to him, always remains in my memory as a reminder to me that a man of simple nature can also rise to the top. Shri M V Shri M V Srinivasan is my ideal in many respects.


Soochak said...

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