Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Thakur Legacy

I met Dr. Premendra Bahadur the other day. He must be about 15 years elder to me. His father, Mr. Rajendra Singh used to be spoken about by my father with respect. Mr. Rajendra and Dr. Premendra had come to us in Delhi in 1963 and had stayed with my father for a day or two. I have some memory of the occasion. Mr. Rajendra Singh had taken his thaali (plate) after the meal to the washing place by his own hand because he did not want us (brahmins) to touch the thalli used by him for eating.
Old values! I do not subscribe to them. Times have changed. Brahmins are not the same as in yesteryears and so are the thakurs. But I do remember Mr. Rajendra Singh for this incident - which occurred 44 years ago.
Dr. Premendra B Singh is also an old timer. He did not approve of my son touching his feet. He also spoke of new generation not devoted to hard work.
But his Business Card has an email address. He talked of SMS when most younger people use the mobile only for talking. His long list of degrees suggest that he is not a doctor by profession, but is a PhD in Civil Engineering.
Dr. Singh did most of the talking when I met him. But still I would like to meet him again.