Monday, February 05, 2007

Social functions, crowds and isolation.

I am most alone when in a crowd. Social functions do not induce me to participate. This behavior has not changed over the years.
I may not be able to change in this respect, but I can modify the response. What may be appropriate that I may be able to 'morph'.
Society loves conformists. It is at ease if the behavior is as per norms. it will extract the maximum price if you are running after it.
If you behave as 'individual', the society may test your sustenance. if you sustain, the society may respect you.
You may be considerate and caring to the society. You may love people. But you must not and need not run after the society.
Galib said - 'Dunia mein hoon, dunia kaa talabgaar nahin hoon. Bazar se gujaraa hoon, kharidaar nahin hoon'. (I am in the world but not dependent on it. I have passed through the market, but I am not a buyer.) Be what Galib was.