Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sleep, a well earned sleep.

I found a dog sleeping in a worn out basket on Platform No. 6 of Allahabad station. Train had been standing on the platform and the noise level was high. The sleep was undisturbed by the noise. Dog was well fed. Platform provides enough food. But to get that food the dog must have made sufficient efforts. He also does not have worry for the future - his memory limitations help him in this aspect of life. The dog had searched sufficiently safe surroundings - a corner and a basket. So, his sound sleep was justified; and well earned too.
I am coming to my own sleep. Why is it not as sound as that of the dog?

  • A lot of mental garbage - of the past and the uncertainties of the future do distort the sleep pattern.
  • I have to depend upon medicine.
  • I do not get sufficient physical exercise. eating habits are poor.
  • The bliss or Anand factor in the life is missing to a large extent.
  • Mind concentration is disturbed.
So it is not that I do not know the problem or the solution. It is the execution which is faulty. Execution is the problem.