Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Old Ripe Age Talking

Yesterday I had been to a marriage of a relative. You meet long time forgotten people at such occasions.
I was face to face with Old Ripe Age at that place.
Mahamritunjay mantra speaks of a ripe old fruit falling off a tree after attaining full age. Meeting him, I was reminded of that mantra.
My eldest Uncle, Mr Anantram Pandey is 84-85. His wife; eldest sister of my father, expired last year. The old dignified man was satisfied that she died without any prolonged illness. He said that his age is also ripe. He was visibly happy to see me.
Mr Anantram is waiting for the journey beyond. Once very agile, always moving on bicycle, learned brahmin was in reflective mood when he talked to me. He was weak, sitting in a corner (earlier he used to be the head pundit performing the sacrament) and speaking of his ailments. But looked like that he had no regrets, no complaints.
I was indeed touched by the simplicity and the greatness of this old dignified man.