Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Islamic Fundamentalism at its best (or worst)!

I gave URL of a video depicting BJP top leaders not able to speak Vande Mataram correctly the other day. Here I invite you to view this YouTube video in which a Muslim scholar of (some) repute states some weird theory to justify non building of temples and churches in an Islamic state.
Sir, we have many incarnations of Bin Laden. And in most of the incarnations he may pass by us as an innocent intellectual like Dr.Zakir Naik! Beware.
Please click at the photo to view the video.


Anonymous said...

'Learned' scholors like Mr.Naik, have always looked at things in accordance with their convenience.So, its no surprise that he has forwarded such weired explanation.

The clash between people of different religions starts from such points.Looking at this video, we can say that fundametalism (of people of any religion) has not acquired its worst state.It has many more miles to cover.It will keep marching ahead, till such 'scholors' are stopped preaching religions in this manner.

But there is hope.The fact that people like him have to start a tv channels to preach religion shows that they are not listened by many.


रवि रतलामी said...

unless people gets educated in REAL sense, these kinds of fundamentalists will always have their way...

मीनाक्षी said...

how can i forget this man !!! many times i heard him during my 10 yrs teaching in Riyadh school.
please dont call him scholar or intellectual..!