Friday, February 16, 2007

Francois Gautier : The controvercial writer.

It was in May-June last year when I read two articles by Francois Gautier on the on pathetic condition of Brahmins of India. I found them to be very bold - to put it mildly. I first thought that the views in these articles are a bit exaggeration but on further thought-churning I found that the articles are near truth. I gave these articles to some people to read. It is not clear that they read the articles through and through; but they agreed with Francois Gautier because they were Brahmins.
Later I purchased a book on Sri Sri Ravishankar titled "The Guru of Joy" written by Francois Gautier and read it. Not a great book. Not a very good book.
Today again there was an article by Gautier on the with the title "The truth about Aurangzeb". This article was posted today and there are already more than 214 messages on the message board. In fact by the time I write these lines ten more are added!
What an intense heat Gautier has generated. You may agree or disagree with him but you can not remain indifferent.


Explorer said...

He is controversial and look at his work on ground at