Thursday, February 22, 2007

हिन्दी मे ब्लॉग का प्रयोग

बडा झंझटिया काम है हिन्दी मे ब्लॉग लिखने को कमर कसना. एक तो नालेज नही. ब्लॉगरों का बढिया लेखन देख कर मन ललचता है अपना भी कुछ ‘मस्त’ लेखन इंटर्नेट पर चस्पां करने का. दूसरे जिन्दगी भर रेल गाडी हांकी. अब अपने स्टेनो को परे कर हिन्दी को रोमनागरी में पहली दरजे के बच्चे जैसे लिखना – वह भी रात के 11 बजे – जब पत्नी खर्राटे ले रही हो; आप समझ सकते हैं इस जुनून को?
बस जैसे तैसे ये लाइनें काट-चिपका कर ब्लॉग पर पोस्ट करता हूं. पता नहीं दूसरों को नजर भी आयेगा या कीडे-मकौडे दीखेंगे ब्लॉग पर...
कल मुन्ना से पता करूंगा कैसा दिखता है.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Islamic Fundamentalism at its best (or worst)!

I gave URL of a video depicting BJP top leaders not able to speak Vande Mataram correctly the other day. Here I invite you to view this YouTube video in which a Muslim scholar of (some) repute states some weird theory to justify non building of temples and churches in an Islamic state.
Sir, we have many incarnations of Bin Laden. And in most of the incarnations he may pass by us as an innocent intellectual like Dr.Zakir Naik! Beware.
Please click at the photo to view the video.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Shiv Kuti or Shiv Koti

This is the place I live. It has my parental house. I might live here for a long time.
Shiv Kuti or Shiv Koti has mythological significance. Here Lord Rama on his way to exile from Ayodhya, worshiped Lord Shiva after crossing Ganges. There is an old Shiva temple on the banks of Ganges adjacent to Rambag - a riverside resort set up in 1898 by Ramcharandas Tandon. This place had large Mela space which has been fast encroached by people for residential purpose. Most of the population has moved in last 10-20 years. The civic amenities are not keeping pace with increase in population. Place is loosing its historical value.
The place can be viewed with some photographs at the WikiMapia.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Francois Gautier : The controvercial writer.

It was in May-June last year when I read two articles by Francois Gautier on the on pathetic condition of Brahmins of India. I found them to be very bold - to put it mildly. I first thought that the views in these articles are a bit exaggeration but on further thought-churning I found that the articles are near truth. I gave these articles to some people to read. It is not clear that they read the articles through and through; but they agreed with Francois Gautier because they were Brahmins.
Later I purchased a book on Sri Sri Ravishankar titled "The Guru of Joy" written by Francois Gautier and read it. Not a great book. Not a very good book.
Today again there was an article by Gautier on the with the title "The truth about Aurangzeb". This article was posted today and there are already more than 214 messages on the message board. In fact by the time I write these lines ten more are added!
What an intense heat Gautier has generated. You may agree or disagree with him but you can not remain indifferent.

Thinking and visual ragpicking.

We are at our best when we think the issues through and through. But there are distractions - external as well internal. A phone call, noise, television or even a running tap - these are external factors. Untrained mind (untrained to think), depression or man in the grip of vasanaas are internal. External factors can be overcome or eliminated by mind-control but the real problem occurs when we are faced with internal factors.
We are turning less and less as thinkers and more and more as visual rag pickers. A bit from here and a bit from there. Jack of all and master of none.
Easy to say that. But what can be done?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It is not musing, definitely.

Well, here is something funny on the net and I want to share it. It is mischievous, not musing; but not bad also. Please do try clicking on the picture to watch video. You may find hypocrisy at its very best!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sleep, a well earned sleep.

I found a dog sleeping in a worn out basket on Platform No. 6 of Allahabad station. Train had been standing on the platform and the noise level was high. The sleep was undisturbed by the noise. Dog was well fed. Platform provides enough food. But to get that food the dog must have made sufficient efforts. He also does not have worry for the future - his memory limitations help him in this aspect of life. The dog had searched sufficiently safe surroundings - a corner and a basket. So, his sound sleep was justified; and well earned too.
I am coming to my own sleep. Why is it not as sound as that of the dog?

  • A lot of mental garbage - of the past and the uncertainties of the future do distort the sleep pattern.
  • I have to depend upon medicine.
  • I do not get sufficient physical exercise. eating habits are poor.
  • The bliss or Anand factor in the life is missing to a large extent.
  • Mind concentration is disturbed.
So it is not that I do not know the problem or the solution. It is the execution which is faulty. Execution is the problem.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Educated do not like sophistication, they like simplicity.

Eliyahu M Goldratt, the author of classic "The Goal" has written the following words in the preface to the Indian edition of the book:
  • Educated people do not admire sophistication, they admire simplicity...
How true! We waste so much of time in beautification of our drawing rooms. Books on norms and etiquettes are hot sellers. We polish our way of speech even if our thoughts are complicated (if not malicious!). With more and more of technology, things of material comfort, information and media intrusion in our lives, sophistication has won over our simplicity.
That is why we despair that solutions are eluding us. If we look at 'Yaksha Prashna' in Aranya Parva of the epic Mahabharata, we find the solutions (or answers) given by Yudhisthir to the most complicated questions (or Prashnas) posed by Yaksha are simple. And these simple yet profound answers could get back the lives of the 4 pandavas; who changed the destiny of the Mahabharata.
We ought to find answers of the Yaksha Prashnas which the life poses to us. All answers of the Prashnas are simple. And there are answers to all the Prashnas. Only that they are to be discovered.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Thakur Legacy

I met Dr. Premendra Bahadur the other day. He must be about 15 years elder to me. His father, Mr. Rajendra Singh used to be spoken about by my father with respect. Mr. Rajendra and Dr. Premendra had come to us in Delhi in 1963 and had stayed with my father for a day or two. I have some memory of the occasion. Mr. Rajendra Singh had taken his thaali (plate) after the meal to the washing place by his own hand because he did not want us (brahmins) to touch the thalli used by him for eating.
Old values! I do not subscribe to them. Times have changed. Brahmins are not the same as in yesteryears and so are the thakurs. But I do remember Mr. Rajendra Singh for this incident - which occurred 44 years ago.
Dr. Premendra B Singh is also an old timer. He did not approve of my son touching his feet. He also spoke of new generation not devoted to hard work.
But his Business Card has an email address. He talked of SMS when most younger people use the mobile only for talking. His long list of degrees suggest that he is not a doctor by profession, but is a PhD in Civil Engineering.
Dr. Singh did most of the talking when I met him. But still I would like to meet him again.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Old Ripe Age Talking

Yesterday I had been to a marriage of a relative. You meet long time forgotten people at such occasions.
I was face to face with Old Ripe Age at that place.
Mahamritunjay mantra speaks of a ripe old fruit falling off a tree after attaining full age. Meeting him, I was reminded of that mantra.
My eldest Uncle, Mr Anantram Pandey is 84-85. His wife; eldest sister of my father, expired last year. The old dignified man was satisfied that she died without any prolonged illness. He said that his age is also ripe. He was visibly happy to see me.
Mr Anantram is waiting for the journey beyond. Once very agile, always moving on bicycle, learned brahmin was in reflective mood when he talked to me. He was weak, sitting in a corner (earlier he used to be the head pundit performing the sacrament) and speaking of his ailments. But looked like that he had no regrets, no complaints.
I was indeed touched by the simplicity and the greatness of this old dignified man.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Social functions, crowds and isolation.

I am most alone when in a crowd. Social functions do not induce me to participate. This behavior has not changed over the years.
I may not be able to change in this respect, but I can modify the response. What may be appropriate that I may be able to 'morph'.
Society loves conformists. It is at ease if the behavior is as per norms. it will extract the maximum price if you are running after it.
If you behave as 'individual', the society may test your sustenance. if you sustain, the society may respect you.
You may be considerate and caring to the society. You may love people. But you must not and need not run after the society.
Galib said - 'Dunia mein hoon, dunia kaa talabgaar nahin hoon. Bazar se gujaraa hoon, kharidaar nahin hoon'. (I am in the world but not dependent on it. I have passed through the market, but I am not a buyer.) Be what Galib was.

The stock market and "fear and greed" factor.

Fear and Greed are the words used mostly in cases of stock market investments.
Fearlessness is essential to grow. It can only come by correct knowledge.
Greed is attachment to hoarding. Most crude example of greed is the general increase in BMI (body mass index) of people. Body has a tendency to hoard energy giving substances in the form of fat. If we (our unconscious self included) believe in law of abundance, the greed will go away.
More (1) information/knowledge coupled with reflection on appropriateness of our response and(2) belief in law of abundance coupled with genuine efforts will tackle the "fear and greed" syndrome.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Learning@51years age!

Learning is not the event, not the process, not even the habit.
Learning is an inner urge to live.
I am learning therefore I am living. The learning may be inward (or internalised). It may be the learning of techniques, equipments...
Learning may be unlearning of the rotten.
I am happy that my yearning to learn is not diminishing. It is probably going up.

Indian Railway innovates to generate coaches for new services

This year the Indian Railway Time Table Committee (IRTTC) meeting was held at Secunderabad on 29-31 January.
Indian Railways has decided that trains hereafter need to get examined for a maximum distance of travel up to 3500kms as against the present upper limit of 2500kms. Besides the coaches can be in service for 18 months between two periodic overhauls. The second step at one stroke releases 11% more availability of coaching stock. The first step is a tool to fire the imagination of the coaching service planners and time table controllers to come up with new solutions. That may release coaches; give longer distance and better trains.
Old, sluggish systems also change for the better so fast in one stroke!
(Photo: IRTTC Meeting in progress)